Pricer Is The Solution Driven Leader Transforming Retail Through Digitally Connected Stores

We help retailers all over the world solve some key in-store challenges, like meeting the New Retail demands and improving store operations and task management.

We are a catalyst for retail digitization. By creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt and scale, we are making our customers successful in a fully connected world.

Our ESLs are designed and engineered in Sweden, and we carefully examine every detail of the product to ensure the highest possible quality.

For three decades, our ideas, technology and people have changed how retailers work and have transformed an entire industry.

Today, Pricer is the only ESL provider working with the reliable and scalable optical wireless communications system in the near infrared spectrum. This means that our labels consume considerably less energy than other communication systems while maintaining fast and agile performance and industry-leading battery life.

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200 million

Electronic shelf labels installed

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Stores equipped

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Digital Price Tags / Electronic Shelf Labels

  • State of the art technology
  • Industry leading battery life
  • Graphic Labels
  • Segment Labels
  • Real Time Updates / Sub 1 Second

Pricer Plaza

Pricer Plaza is a sophisticated cloud-based platform for the complete scalable management, monitoring and integration of a digital in-store system. It is an industry-leading central management system that enables central security, backup/restore, user management and template management as well as API based third party integration to enable further advanced applications such as advanced analytics and business analysis, dynamic pricing, integrated in-store signage, and waste management. For more information on integration partners visit

The Pricer Platform

The Pricer Platform has been purpose built over almost 3 decades in order to become the the most resilient, reliable and robust in-store digital platform on the market

  • Based on Optical Wireless Communication in the interference free near-infrared band
  • Instant Flash
  • Dynamic Product Positioning
  • Stability and reliability